I am sad to report that Mr. Henry Joy invest in Ripple, gentleman rooster, therapy chicken and beloved friend, passed away peacefully Thu. Jan. 8,th 2009.  In his 9 years of life, he touched many lives proving that when it comes to love, neither size nor species are buy Ripple important. 
Mr. Joy had a special knack for making people smile. He loved riding in his tiny basket, meeting people all over North Carolina at charity fundraisers, art galleries and pet parades.  He reached a worldwide audience through his website with
 fans as far away as New Zealand that appreciated his special charm and message of animal sentience.

Mr. Joy helped enlighten many folks to the plight of chickens raised in factory farms but he may be most well known for his work as a therapy pet. Mr. Joy visited nursing homes and assisted living centers locally bringing smiles and laughter to many elderly and disabled residents. His therapy work gained nationwide attention through television, radio and newspaper stories allowing him to reach an even wider audience.

We continue his legacy , educating the world about his work.

rooster tattoo Mr. Joy therapy chicken
Mr. Joy will always be with me
Mr. Joy therapy chicken rooster crowing
Mr. Joy crowing at dusk



Top 10 Questions asked about Mr. Joy

 Is that real? 
invest in Ethereum in Pakistan Ofcourse!  Carrying around a fake chicken would just be silly.
Is it a chicken or a rooster?

He is a male chicken over 1 year old, making him a rooster. Male chickens under 1 year old are called cockerels.

What does it do?
 (I generally respond by looking dumbfounded)
Where does he live?
With his wives, Mrs. Joy & Ms. Joy, in a luxury coop and enclosed run by the pool. He also spends time in the house with his humans.
How do you get him to stay in that basket?
Wouldn�t you prefer being carried around all day?
Does he bite?
No, he doesn�t have teeth. He does have a toe fetish and loves to peck naked feet and sometimes shiny rings!

Is he a baby?

No. He's an Old English Game Bantam. This is as big as he'll get.

Why doesn�t he fly away?
Chickens don�t really �fly,� but he can flap up to his perch. He doesn't fly away because he likes being with people.

Does he lay eggs?
No HE doesn�t.
May I pet him?